About The Wildlife Trust Fund

In 1983, the executive of the Alberta Fish and Game Association had the foresight to see that critical habitat was disappearing at a rapid rate in Alberta and they set out to create the Wildlife Trust Fund, the province’s first land trust. Since those humble beginnings, the Wildlife Trust Fund has grown to include over 100 properties across the province, that encompass over 43,000 acres of important fish and wildlife habitat. The Wildlife Trust Fund Properties are found from the extreme southern reaches of the province all the way north to Manning. At the heart of the Wildlife Trust Fund are the members, clubs and zones of the Alberta Fish and Game Association and these land acquisitions were only made possible through their generous contributions and tireless fund-raising efforts. There are currently two acres of habitat conserved in the province for every Alberta Fish and Game Association member and that number is growing rapidly, thanks to the members.

This on-line atlas was created with financial support from the Minister’s Special Licence Program and the Alberta Conservation Association. Wildlife Trust Fund properties are open to all forms of recreation, including hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing and family outings. In this atlas you will find a description of each property and the opportunities they afford. Please respect the foot-access-only policy and any special access restrictions as outlined and please respect neighbouring landowners’ property. As members of the Alberta Fish and Game Association, these Wildlife Trust Fund Properties belong to you and are something to be enjoyed and treasured.

While every effort was made to ensure complete descriptions of the properties, please consult county and municipal landowner maps to ensure the location of the Wildlife Trust Fund property and ensure you have permission prior to entering adjacent private property. Also note that some properties do require permission prior to accessing and others do have additional restrictions you should be aware of prior to entering.

Each property description and map is available as a down-loadable pdf file. You will require Adobe Reader to view these files and it is available as a free download at www.adobe.com.

The Alberta Fish and Game Association’s Volunteer Stewardship Program is a great way to become involved with the Wildlife Trust Fund. We rely heavily on these volunteers to monitor and report on these properties so they can be managed effectively. For more information on this program, please visit www.afga.org or call the Alberta Fish and Game Association head office at 780-437-2342 and ask for one of the habitat staff.


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