AFGA Top Issues

Public Land Sales
Wildland Parks
Game Farms
Métis Harvesting
Access Restrictions to Public Lands
Land Use Frame Work Area Plans
- Lower Athabasca complete but consultation still on emerging issues.
- South Saskatchewan third phase of public consultation, get out and be heard.
- Other areas starting soon.
Need for increasing enforcement of the Wildlife Act
Oil Sands Monitoring
- We continue to have good people sitting on as many committees as the government starts.
Feral Horses
- We are committed to a need for a feral horse management plan.
Paid Access
- We are against any paid access fees for Alberta owned Fish and Wildlife.
Wildlife Management
- We continue to sit on and influence both the Alberta Game Policy Advisory Committee and the Alberta Fisheries Round Table.
Banff Bison Introduction
- We continue to speak against this waste of taxpayers’ money, threat to our wildlife, and waste of bison lives, for no public benefit.
Big Game Allocations

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