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2018 CONFERENCE -- FEBRUARY 22-24, 2018
"Our Dream -- Their Future

Thursday - February 22, 2018
Environment Session Chelsea Jaeger - AFGA Environment Chair
Environment Session Speakers Ellyn Davidson - Conservation Director - CPAWS Northern Alberta
NWSAR - Northwest Species at Risk
Friday - February 23, 2018
Hunting & Fishing Sessions Hunt/Fish Report
Jim Clarke - AFGA Hunting Chair
Darryl Smith - AFGA Fishing Chair
Hunting & Fishing
Speakers & Guests

Angler's Atlas - Citizen Science: "Helping Biologists collect data on Fisheries across Alberta" as presented by: Sean Simmons, President & Founder / Fraser Hayes, Editor
Fish Stocking Alberta: "Happenings with the Provincial Hatcheries" by: Craig Copeland - Manager of Fish Culture and the Invasive Species Program, Infastructure Baranch Operations, AE&P
Matt Besko - "Societal Response to Hunting and trophy Hunting in the age of Social Media" by: Matt Besko - Section Head, Wildlife Management Policy
Chronic Wasting Disease - (CWD) "Update and the Implications" by: Dr. Margo Pybus Provincial Wildlife Disease Specialist, Fish & Wildlife Policy Branch
Alberta Conservation Association - 2018/19 Fisheries Work Plan: "What is Happening" By: Dr. Todd Zimmerling - President and CEO, Alberta Conservation Association
2018 Propsed Hunting Regulations Changes
Andre Corbould - Deputy Minister AE&P
Address to Delegate - The Path Forward
Travis Ripley, Executive Director, Fish & Wildlife Policy Branch
Wrap-up and changes in direction for the Fish and Wildlife department
Dave Park - Senior Head/Provincial Fisheries Allocation, Fish & Wildlife Policy Branch
Update on Fisheries Management in Alberta
Jason Caswell - Provincial Waterfowl Specialist, AE&P
Wildlife Management in Alberta - Update

Hunting & Fishing Sessions


Premier Notley Fisheries.pdf
Fisheries Management Changes.pdf
AFGA Draft Fisheries Management Direction Response Component 1.pdf
AFGA Draft Fisheries Management Direction Response Component 2.pdf

Redefining Fisheries Management in Alberta: “Call for change from the Alberta Fish and Game Association” (updated version of responses to North-Central Native Trout Recovery Plan and Northern Pike and Walleye Management Frameworks)

Habitat -- WTF Report WTF Video Presentation
T.J. Schwanky, AFGA Habitat Development Coordinator
Saturday - February 24, 2018

AGM Agenda
EVP - AFGA Year in Review
AFGA Provincial Service Awards
2018 AGM Resolutions

NEW Executive
Life Member Past President

  John Williams - Canadian Wildlife Federation - Executive Committee: 2nd Vice President

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Alberta Fish and Game Association recognizes the following organizations/ individuals for their sponsorship and financial donations to the 89th Annual Conference. All sponsorships and donations are formally acknowledged during the Conference in varying ways.

Our sincerest thank you to all of the individuals and clubs that donated financially and in-kind to the 89th Annual Conference.

We regret if we missed anyone due to an oversight, please advise us of any omission and we will correct this ASAP.

• Access Life’s Adventure Inc.
• Alberta Conservation Association
• Alberta Fish & Game Association
• Blends Custom Spices
• Boone & Crockett
• Brian & Andrea Dingreville
• Cabela’s
• Calgary Fish & Game Association
• Camrose Fish & Game Association
• Can-Do-It Electric
• Caribou Gear
• CF Contracting
• Conrad & Hilda Fennema
• Coronet Electric
• Cy & Eileen Hallett
• Dan Hungle
• Doug & Robyn Butler
• Dunvegan Fish & Game Association
• Florkowsky’s
• Grizzly Outfitters
• Heartland Electrical Services
• Heron Printing
• Jack & Phyllis Graham
• Jeff Leighton
• John K.J. Campbell Barrister & Solicitor
• Lloydminster Fish & Game Association
• Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP
• Martin & Louise Sharren
• Matt Zazula
• Nootka Island Lodge
• Norm MacPhail
• Martin & Louise Sharren
• Nootka Island Lodge
• N. Eastern AB Fish & Game Association
• Onoway Fish & Game Association
• Outdoor Canada
• Rig Hand Distillery
• Riverside Honda & Ski-Doo
• Robert & Deanna Loewen
• Robert Bateman
• Rosedale Concrete Works
• Sarcee Fish & Game Association
• Sawridge Inn
• Secure Energy
• Stony Plain Fish & Game & Wabamun Gun Club
• Truck Claws
• Whitecourt Fish & Game Association
• Willingdon Fish & Game Association
• Wild Sheep Foundation
• Zone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6