Big Game Allocation Policy Sub-Committee Recommendations to the Alberta Game Policy Advisory Committee (AGPAC)

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is working on a complete  Big Game Allocation Policy that is intended  to provide consistent  direction to wildlife managers when allocating big game resources to the different user groups, replacing many informal working documents which have not always been clear, consistent, or regularly used in the past.

The linked papers describe eight draft plans that may form the base of a Big Game Allocation Policy for Alberta.  It is important to read them and think about the possible effects that they might have.  

The eight draft plans that are below were made by a subcommittee of AEP called Alberta Game Policy Advisory Committee (AGPAC).  While full backing of all the draft plans did not happen at the subcommittee level, at some point they have to move forward and while it is hard to please everyone, there is much that is good in the draft plans.

The next step is more input at an AGPAC Meeting on December 5, 2017.   Further changes are very likely at that time, and the recommendations may well have changed by the time our AFGA Conference takes place in February.  At the Conference we will take whatever is on the table then to the conference floor and give the input we get to the public consultation. This will occur prior to Ministerial approval of the final draft.

This short survey will be open until November 30, 2017 so please respond at your earliest convenience.

CLICK HERE to go to the survey: AGPAC Recommendations Survey